Tuning In
A Guide to Better FM Reception

For those of you in the fringes of our stations' signals, there are some things you can easily do to improve reception of our host stations, and the entire FM band as well. Radio Shack sells an effective and inexpensive antenna (catalog number 15-2163) for $19.95. To hook it up to your tuner, we recommend a 300-ohm to 75-ohm "balun" transformer (a couple of dollars), and enough RG-6 coax cable to reach your receiver. A roof or attic mounted location on a short piece of pipe will do the job. Simply orient the antenna for best reception.*   Another way to improve the sound, if reception is noisy, is to switch to monophonic mode on your receiver, if it has a "mono" switch. Monaural transmission range is greater than stereophonic range.

WQQQ_FM.gif (90462 bytes)* To receive our programming on Q103-FM, point your antenna at Millerton, NY and tune your FM radio to 103.3MHz. This is in Dutchess County, bordering northwestern Connecticut.