With the monumental release of The Princess Mononoke by Miramax Films within the USA on October 29th 1999 to movie theaters throughout the nation, Japanese animation achieved a widespread exposure in the USA! Needless to say, we are very excited about this pivotal event since it brings anime to the forefront. And what better time to provide your financial support to our program than today!

We have bold new plans to deliver Adventures in Anime Music to a nationwide audience through satellite syndication. During our run in Jan-Feb 2000 on CT, NY and LI radio stations, we got numerous requests for the show in other parts of the country. To address that need, we're now seeking a satellite syndicator to take our program nationwide. If you work in the satellite industry, or for a major syndicator, we'd like to hear from you! If you are a program director for an FM radio outlet with a live internet audio feed and you are looking for that unique gem to augment your station's place on the dial, contact us for arrangements.

We are presently seeking underwriters to back the costs of production and broadcast time. Our program caters to people who are looking for a fresh, high-quality musical entertainment source on their radio dial. Since our program will fill the needs of Japanese listeners especially well, it provides a unique opportunity for businesses catering to Japanese interests to reach a select audience. This audience consists of two discreet and separate demographics: Japanese/Americans who enjoy hearing the music of their homeland on the radio, and "anime" fans -- a rapidly-expanding audience of Americans who collect and enjoy Japanese comic books and animated movies. The market for anime in America is growing exponentially, and we intend to be the first to bring this wonderful and refreshing music format to radio, from coast to coast.

All such specialty shows must have underwriting before they air. My role is to provide the creative direction for the show, acting as a producer with a passion for an idea. What I will return to you is expanded market awareness; a market for things Japanese, if you are willing to take a slight risk to underwrite production on the program for perhaps two months, while we develop a major following in markets across the country. After that, underwriters are at liberty to become a full commercial sponsors, as charter underwriters, and have first choice at our limited commercial inventory.

We are grateful to WQQQ, our new host station, for having the faith and trust in us with this new and unique program format. The cost of broadcast time, licensing and production typically costs approximately $2,100 per show. Together with your support, we can meet these costs and start the journey toward making anime music become the new standard for musical enjoyment here in the US.