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Updated 01/29/2011
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Our home station, WQQQ-FM, will be changing operations management through an LMA with another station. This means that for all intents and purposes, WQQQ will become part of another network and all programming will revert to National Public Radio. The switchover will be Monday February 7, 2011. Therefore, our last broadcast on WQQQ will be Sunday, February 6, 2011. We've had nearly ten years with WQQQ as our home station. It's been a good run.

At this point, we aren't sure whether we will find a new home station, or go it alone as an internet-only operation, or just close the operation. Costs have been rising and this programming also takes much time to develop. We'll be announcing future plans here in the coming months.


Updated 02/15/2009
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Our home station, WQQQ-FM, at 103.3 on the FM dial, has just added its own streaming audio link this past week. So our program can also be heard there, if ever our own server is loaded to capacity. Go to WQQQ.COM and click on their Listen Live link.


Updated 01/31/2009
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Adventures in Anime Music is featuring all newly-produced shows for 2009! All produced in our new studios, for syndication on your local radio stations, our new shows are more polished, refined and listenable. And the music play list has been expanded! You'll hear more varieties of vintage, contemporary and some of the more obscure anime soundtracks on our broadcasts in 2009 than ever before!

We hope you'll join us every Sunday evening at 10:00PM Eastern Standard Time, both locally at Q103-FM at 103.3 on the dial, or on this simulcast feed here on this web site.



Updated 05/30/2006
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I have good news to report! The problem with the automation has been solved. As it turned out, the automation system is sensitive to absolute silence. Some of our pre-recorded programs may have a brief gap with this silence for a second or so, and when the system sees it, it moves to the next track. That seems to be what was happing. The solution was to add a "pilot" tone, way down in the audio, just enough to prevent the automation from thinking there is silence. This method was used for last Sunday's show and it seems to have done the job. Our thanks go out to the owner of WQQQ for taking the time to figure out the problem and suggest a solution!

Changes are being made at WQQQ-FM this month, which should expand the options available to us for program automation. Yes, some of our programs are pre-recorded, for those times when weather conditions, schedule conflicts and unexpected emergencies prevent the show host from appearing live on the air. In the nearly five years that this program has broadcast from the WQQQ studios, we have seen remarkable changes for the better--modernizing of the technical infrastructure, resulting in a vast improvement in the air product. This web site has made adjustments to keep pace with the technical improvements, mainly, the move to a stereo audio stream, using a new CODEC that achieves amazing sound quality at unheard of low bit rates. In addition to that, we're making changes to improve the ease of use of this site. Note that the audio player is now embedded on our home page. It doesn't start automatically (because we know how annoying that can be), but you can start it at your discretion and hear the programming while you browse this site. Feel free to send us your comments via our Feedback form, which is now functional.

Our site is back on our corporate server again, after a series of very strange hardware problems. Our server was a victim of the infamous Luxon motherboard capacitor failures, causing said motherboard to go up in smoke last week. A replacement motherboard was installed this yesterday and our IT folks have been hard at work getting all site features and functions working again.

On the first week of February, we moved our web site to a privately-hosted server within our parent company complex. Everything is being consolidated to improve web site content management efficiency and save on operations costs. We've also added an experimental chat room. It's in beta, but functional.

NEWS FLASH! We've changed our audio stream technology this year. We're streaming in Windows Media format now. Why did we change? The new format allows us to broadcast in STEREO using the same amount of bandwidth as our mono broadcast and the "golden ears" around here also seem to think it sounds better than our old stream. If you're running Windows, you already have everything you need to tune in to our web casts. No software to purchase.

Sunday night at 10PM to Midnight, EST. Check this web page for updates on this coming Sunday's show.

Q103-FM has just turned on stereo transmission!
Adventures in Anime Music will now be broadcast in stereo on our new 64K CD-Quality stereo feed on the main page. Our show is heard live on Sunday nights at 10PM EST, however, we are streaming Q103 WQQQ-FM in celebration of the switch to stereo this week.

A MIDI Moment, showcases streamable clips of our renditions of anime themes, orchestrated on the world's finest synthesizers. Check it out!

If you haven't visited our Donate link, please do consider it. We are paying for this program out of our pockets. Brokered time is expensive, as are the production costs of putting together a program of this caliber. Rising costs are really putting a strain on our budget, as reflected in travel costs, electricity costs, heating oil prices, studio time, etc. Your contributions will help offset these costs, making it possible for us to continue to deliver fine programming to you via the radio and the internet.

Adventures in Anime Music can be heard on Sunday nights at 10:00PM on WQQQ 103.3-FM, and on the web right here at this location. Tune in every Sunday night at 10:00 for two more hours of your favorite anime soundtracks!

Keep an eye on this site for details!