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Welcome to the site of Adventures in Anime Music, a program devoted to bringing back quality music to the airwaves of America. The show is presented weekly on WQQQ-FM in Lakeville, CT. Adventures in Anime Music appeals to all ages of intelligent listeners. Both young and mature listeners appreciate and enjoy the music of Japan's greatest film soundtracks. Some find it relaxing and soothing, after a long day at the office. Others find it inspiring and energizing. Still others enjoy it as if it were a journey taking place in the realm of sound. For whatever reason, your listeners deserve to have access to Adventures in Anime Music too. Why not give it a try?

Stations located in CT and NY - you can have Adventures in Anime Music broadcast live from your own studios!

This radio program evolved out of the host's interest in Japanese culture. Twenty years ago, Mr. Weiss became interested in the art form known as Japanese animation or "anime," particularly the finer art films with human interest stories whose plots centered around the dreams and aspirations of the lead character. He quickly fell in love with the character designs and the beauty of the art. Finding many of the story lines to be enlightening and uplifting, as well as informative in terms of casting a little light on seldom-understood aspects of daily Japanese life, he took a closer look at Japanese ideas, philosophy and ethics, and developed a high regard for the Japanese culture as he learned more about it. Now he's sharing that wonderful treasure, through its music, with the listeners of eastern New York, western Massachusetts and northwest Connecticut.