News Flash:

Our home station, WQQQ-FM, will be changing operations management through an LMA with another station. This means that for all intents and purposes, WQQQ will become part of another network and all programming will revert to National Public Radio. The switchover will be Monday February 7, 2011. Therefore, our last broadcast on WQQQ will be Sunday, February 6, 2011. We've had nearly ten years with WQQQ as our home station. It's been a good run.

Anime_is_hot.gif (14458 bytes) Welcome to the official site of the popular weekly radio program, Adventures in Anime Music. Originating in 1997, and now hosted since April 2001 on the same radio station, Adventures in Anime Music has been bringing audiences in the NY, CT, MA tri-state area, as well as worldwide via our internet stream, a unique perspective on the top 5% of anime music. Our audience is comprised of people who seek out a fresh, new alternative to mainstream music, who seek music with purpose and direction. This is what we strive to deliver each week.